How it all started

We met as two ambitious young students at the University of Stellenbosch, singing in the choir. After a few cups of coffee we soon realised that we shared much more than our common interest in blues music. Today we are happily married, working as full-time musicians, pursuing our dream to inspire others through music.

Our Style

The style of the Bottomless Coffee Band can be described as acoustic folk-rock and afro-blues. We like to refer to it as gourmet music. This term captures our vision as musicians: to produce an organic sound that is true to ourselves, that encourages good times, evokes emotion and sparks deeds of love, hope and change.

Our Instruments

We have a great love for instruments; we are constantly on the look-out for interesting sounds to include in our oeuvre. Currently we play 12 instruments between the two of us, gracing the stage with an impressive display of music-making gadgets, and allowing the sound of a full band. Our instruments include the Farmer foot drums, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, acoustic bass, U-Bass (aka basselele), accordion, ukulele, harmonica, glockenspiel, melodica and various percussion instruments. We also sing, whilst playing the mentioned instruments.



A Karoo girl, born with a great passion and love for music. The moment she could pull herself up on the piano chair, she taught herself to play and sing. She soon performed at various events in the town where she grew up and later started writing songs. She studied drama with classical singing at Stellenbosch to develop the performance component to her music. It is in the University choir where she met Lourens and the band was born. After a few years in corporate theatre, she took up the Bottomless Coffee Band as a full time career. Her other passions and hobbies are people, traveling, coffee, wine, food, fashion, film and musical theatre!



He grew up in Durbanville, Cape Town, where he was exposed to a vibrant music scene from a young age. His tupperware drumming sessions as a little boy payed off and he soon started playing drums in various rock and metal bands as a schoolboy. He took up guitar at a later age under the guidance of his older brother. He studied law and investments at Stellenbosch and UCT where his love for blues and folk music began. He worked as an investment analyst for 4 years before he took the leap of faith to become a full time musician. He also has a great love for collecting guitars, traveling, wine and personal finance.