Happy Spring

Today we celebrate the beginning of Spring in our beautiful country. Being back in South Africa, after a glorious two months of touring, we can now also celebrate the beginning of a new season for us as a band. Just like Springtime, our upcoming endeavours will include new material, new ideas, new tours and new adventures. We hope you draw inspiration and energy from this season’s budding blooms, warmer weather and joyous mood. HAPPY SPRING!

f1f74148-8a28-4d76-9cc9-98adb2213b22Au Revoir Edinburgh 

We finished our overseas tour on a high note with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our last few shows were truly memorable, but to top it all, we had the great honour and privilege to meet the South African Minister of Arts and Culture, Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

He was in Edinburgh for a cultural summit and insisted on having a meeting with all the South African artists at the Fringe. He listened to our challenges, but most of all he encouraged us to discuss solutions in order to make these international festivals more accessible to more South Africans. We discussed how high the SA standard is and how proud we are of it. The aim is to gradually leave a bigger SA footprint on world entertainment. WOW – how cool is our Minister of Arts and Culture?? Viva SA!

Spring 1
We have really learnt so much on our tour, especially from our time at the Edinburgh Fringe. It is a big privilege to be able to share our art with international audiences and even more so to represent our country in this regard. If all goes well, we will be doing it again soon!


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