Meet Farmer Foot Drums

We have the privilege of being the first band in South Africa to play the Farmer Foot Drums. These drums are hand built in America. The company is also run by a husband and wife team, just like us!

With Lourens originally being a drummer, the need arose to do more with his feet than only the 2 peddles as we used to have. He did a lot of research and in the end decided that it will be worth it to ship this brilliant piece of engineering to South Africa.

Built into this drum set is a bass drum, a snare drum, high hats, a shaker and a tambourine. This is operated with your heals and toes via 8 pedals. If you close your eyes, you would say that there is a drummer on stage.

We would say that it is truly worth it to book your ticket to see this spectacular instrument in action.

As we always say – as long as we keep the music real and authentic, the Farmer Foot Drums most definitely resembles this.

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