Our second South African Tour

As a musician you must always find the balance between serving a market and reinventing yourself for audience members to experience live music in a different way.

To us, a great passion is to keep music and the performance thereof authentic! Theatres and live music venues play a great role in making this possible. We still believe in sit-down shows where people come to watch you perform your music. This creates a space for you to share out of the heart and to tell the stories behind the songs.

The love for filling up theatres was affirmed once again on our second tour in South Africa. Our first stop was Graaff-Reinet. We are always so proud at how this town is ever-evolving and prospering. The Drostdy Hotel has been renovated and looks stunning. There are a few very passionate young people fighting for what they believe the town can become. One of these young men is the owner of the town’s coffee roastery and also the manager of the Botanies Sports Club hall where we performed. They are planning something similar to the Good Food and Wine Show for next year and his last words to me was: “Give this town 5 more years and it will be just like Franschhoek”. So inspiring. We had an amazing time!

Bloemfontein was our next stop – the city of roses. Unfortunately the roses were not in bloom, but luckily the people always are! We once again performed at Innie Skuur for yet another very appreciative audience. We were invited to Marmelade for breakfast the following day. The musician in charge inspired us with his passion and vision. He loves Bloem and its potential. His last words to us was this, “I could easily move to Johannesburg and be inspired, but why would I do that if I can stay here and inspire others?”

After this we moved on to Pretoria. This was truly special. Neither of us have really experienced Pretoria in its full glory before, and this was our chance. Our two days of delving deep into our own heritage was ended off with a beautiful and heartwarming show at the Pierneef Theatre in Pretoria. This theatre is run solely for the love of arts and theatre – well maintained, authentically managed and 100% theatre!

We took a few days off and visited the Pilanesberge, Rustenburg, Kimberley and Victoria West. In all of these towns we could sense the same pride for our country and heritage as on our way up. We know that we can have hope for our country, just as we have the hope of filling theatres for years to come. We are proudly South African. Proudly South African musicians. Just telling our stories and the stories of others.

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